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Slang term used to describe a male (often teenager), who is in denial of his love for women's clothing and jewellery. Openly will they deny their passion, but secretly will they love to dress up in girls clothes. Wearing lingerie or necklaces, or modifying their male clothes to look girlish are tell-tales signs of a Sacco.
Person A: "Man, that guy is gay, right?"
Person B: "No, he told me he isn't."
Person A: "Oh. Well he's quite the Sacco!"
by Horvat August 16, 2005
6 24
Man who poses as woman, generally due to an inflation of the pectoral region; often excessive levels of hormones estrogen, phaelemogen, and gay.
Man, did you see that kid? He was so Sacco its not even funny.

Dude, her boobs just poked my eyes out. Im seriously bleeding to death from her sabre-like nipples. She was so Sacco. (Now how will I watch my Peooke?)

See also: Sacconuts, Succo, Saab.
by Friend of the Viewer. February 24, 2003
4 25