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A sexual postion in whice the woman is grabbing the mans personnal areas and continues until the man screams "oh god!" or Something of that nature.
Girl: *squeezing mans balls"

Boy: i think this is the best orgasm i've ever had. wow i love this sabrina.
by camcam July 19, 2006
An Asian teenager who exemplifies superb intelligence, compassion, and social aptitude.

A cute Asian girl who maintains relationships with friends, despite long distances.
You are such a Sabrina! You're so awesome!
Wow, despite everything, you're still Sabrina Wong to me!
Sabrina, will you go to prom with me?
by Greg Wing February 08, 2010
short, bossy, always offended, sarcastic, purtty, ticklish but only to her family , brown hair, and she really really loves cats and butterflys, she has a weird obsesion with toenails and rats
he loves toenails man whata sabrina
by sergio123 August 18, 2011
a goat, a farm animal that has hooves, horns, is kind of furry and goes meeeehhhhhh.
person 1: "hey have you seen George Cloony the musical?"

person 2: "No but I heard he turns into a goat."

person 1: "yea the goat's name is sabrina."
by NO i will not allow that April 10, 2011
sabrina is a loving & caring girl.
you can find sabrina around sal who she loves soo much

Girl:" Wow that girl sabrina is always with sal"
Boy:" Yea they love eachother so much"
Girl: Im jealous of their relationship so im gonna break them up
by whatssssgoooood =) March 17, 2009
an immature bitch,who likes to suck on cock andd is brown as fuck. this word basically mean dirty little slut tramp bitch hoe.
me:that girl is such a slut

girl: Yeah i know she's such a sabrina!!
by whiteee/blackk girl September 17, 2011
A move in which a girl leaves a guy for another guy.
Look Candace just pulled a 'Sabrina' on Michael!! WTF?
by JohnJohn90210 January 19, 2010