Sabrina: A prissy girl often whiny and attention starved. She will suck up to anybody and everybody. Dumber than a bag of rocks! (This only applies to certain Sabrinas, right?) JK! 😜
Person 1: Geez Sabrina is being such a suck up today.
Person 2: I know, right?
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by Whysosad? June 21, 2016
An amazing girl that will make you feel like you've known her your entire life. Her witty attitude makes you laugh, but her sarcasm punches you in the face. Her OCD about everything may annoy you, but you'll still love her anyway. She has big titties and her ass stares at you every time she walks by. She can act like a total slut that sleeps with everyone, though in reality she is a classy chick who is probably still a virgin. However because she's so good at acting like a whore, countless rumors are spread about her, which she hates hearing. Sabrinas may take credit for your work, but they'll make it up to you by doing all of it the next time. No matter how hard you may try, you won't be able to let go of a Sabrina because she's fun and she'll always be there.
Ugh, I hate her right now, but after all she's a Sabrina.
by sadlol March 05, 2013
A stupid jew who steals your friend.
Matt: fuck Sabrina she is the reason Sam won't hang out with us anymore
Justin: I know fuck that stupid jew
by pussysmasher69000 June 23, 2016
Sabrina, has ghetto ass curly hair. She is a grat friend. Se can be very shy at times. But knows how to have fun. she can be crazy at times. she ais a great friend and knows how to stick it out through tough times.
she also has a ghetto ass. and gets eaten by diosaurs
Heyyyy Sabrina i love your ghetto ass hair. ;)
by Megan1997 December 17, 2010
A sexual postion in whice the woman is grabbing the mans personnal areas and continues until the man screams "oh god!" or Something of that nature.
Girl: *squeezing mans balls"

Boy: i think this is the best orgasm i've ever had. wow i love this sabrina.
by camcam July 19, 2006
An Asian teenager who exemplifies superb intelligence, compassion, and social aptitude.

A cute Asian girl who maintains relationships with friends, despite long distances.
You are such a Sabrina! You're so awesome!
Wow, despite everything, you're still Sabrina Wong to me!
Sabrina, will you go to prom with me?
by Greg Wing February 08, 2010
A person pretending to be hot and perfect. She is a liar and usually hidden behind layers of makeup. She makes people feel close then back stabs them. It is better to stay away from Sabrinas they steal friends and their viciousness is hidden under their fake layer of sweetness
That Sabrina just took all of friends.
by Real meaning April 02, 2014
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