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The stunningly beautiful young leader of the Psychic type Pokemon gym located in Saffron City. She defeated the Fighting type gym next door turning it into the Fighting Dojo instead. If you win you get a Marsh Badge. If you lose you become a permanent resident of her toy box, not that belonging to her is bad.
I saw Sabrina in "Psychic Surprise", she is so hot.
by Inhandra January 22, 2011
means patience in islam.
girl:what's the meaning of your name?
girl2:my name is sabrina.sabrina means patience.
girl:so you're a patient girl.
girl2:i'm not saying i am but that's what it means.
by beenana republic October 18, 2006
The most wonderful girl, Super smart, funny and a goodie goodie but will always be there for anyone and everyone not popular but not unpopular she is the person you can tell anything and she'll keep the secret she's trustworthy and courageous.
Omg I wish I was like Sabrina she's just so..kind like OMG
by Youslutwhorebitch March 30, 2013
One smoking hot runner with lots of personality. This girls volumptious hair brings all the boys to the yard. Her carefree attitude attracts people to her. She is outgoing and loves to eat cow tongue. Sabrina's mathematically inclined and creates a great atmospher whereever she goes
I need help with math.. Call sabrina!
That girl is going fast, her name must Sabrina.
Hey Sabrina, can you help me make some friends.
by doublearlobe April 13, 2012
Sabrina, has ghetto ass curly hair. She is a grat friend. Se can be very shy at times. But knows how to have fun. she can be crazy at times. she ais a great friend and knows how to stick it out through tough times.
she also has a ghetto ass. and gets eaten by diosaurs
Heyyyy Sabrina i love your ghetto ass hair. ;)
by Megan1997 December 17, 2010
A person pretending to be hot and perfect. She is a liar and usually hidden behind layers of makeup. She makes people feel close then back stabs them. It is better to stay away from Sabrinas they steal friends and their viciousness is hidden under their fake layer of sweetness
That Sabrina just took all of friends.
by Real meaning April 02, 2014
An amazing girl that will make you feel like you've known her your entire life. Her witty attitude makes you laugh, but her sarcasm punches you in the face. Her OCD about everything may annoy you, but you'll still love her anyway. She has big titties and her ass stares at you every time she walks by. She can act like a total slut that sleeps with everyone, though in reality she is a classy chick who is probably still a virgin. However because she's so good at acting like a whore, countless rumors are spread about her, which she hates hearing. Sabrinas may take credit for your work, but they'll make it up to you by doing all of it the next time. No matter how hard you may try, you won't be able to let go of a Sabrina because she's fun and she'll always be there.
Ugh, I hate her right now, but after all she's a Sabrina.
by sadlol March 05, 2013