A beautiful girl who doesn't like how she looks but she has big blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair and is really tan ALOT of guys fall for her she is shy around cute guys but not even close to shy when she is around her friends sabrina is also very smart and can have a bitchy attitude towards some people she is skinny with decent sized boobs and a decent sized butt she loves sports and is good at a lot of things when she tries her best ...Sabrina is the perfect girl
Boy:damn Sabrina is hot
Boy2:no she is beautiful
Boy3:she is hot and beautiful ...move boys I'm gonna get some Sabrina
Girl:I wish I could be her
by HamesR July 08, 2014
She is smart, kind, and patient. It will take time for you to understand her but at the end it's always worth it. She'll make you feel like God really took the time to design someone just for you and then sent them to you. The best part is that even when times get rough you never want to let go because you will always want to hold on to the best thing you ever had. She is the diamond you have been looking for all this time coal after coal...
"Sabrina" I love you .
by Mr. M&M January 31, 2016
One smoking hot runner with lots of personality. This girls volumptious hair brings all the boys to the yard. Her carefree attitude attracts people to her. She is outgoing and loves to eat cow tongue. Sabrina's mathematically inclined and creates a great atmospher whereever she goes
I need help with math.. Call sabrina!
That girl is going fast, her name must Sabrina.
Hey Sabrina, can you help me make some friends.
by doublearlobe April 13, 2012
Sabrina is amazing, and easily impressed by the greatest man ever !! His name is Kristofer, and together they are perfect, both sexy and both unique.

Finally, for once in their lives they are both happy and inlove, and they plan on spending the rest of their lives together, only if she says yes.

Sabrina is just perfect, and is very stunning, and shy :)
she is perfect for any man who wants to settly down and have a great relationship, she is a fiery temptress and amazing in bed.
Kristofer and Sabrina belong together for ever, not only because they are both amazing in bed, but because they love eachother.
by foreverinlovewithkristofer November 18, 2010
She is the Alpha Queen Supreme. Her Fergalicious body can't be stopped. She's so glamorous and beautiful, that everyone is jealous of her and her queen-like abilities. Her baby blues glisten and light up the room. And she ain't no Holla Back Girl. Her voice is a mix between Beyoncé and Jesus. She practically is Beyoncé and Jesus combined! Her "Louis Tomlinson-like" booty is so ghetto that they could make a television show about it and it would be more popular than "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's". Just watching her walk down the hallway is like God descending down to Earth. She is such a goddess and is so independent. She is so obviously the Queen of all and everything. She is the Alpha and The Supreme (In One Person)! There is no one like her. Sabrina is love... Sabrina is life.
"Wow... Sabrina is Jesus!"
"I...can't...breathe... Sabrina took my breath away!"
"Holy smokes! Here comes Ms. Ghetto Booty herself, Sabrina!"
"I wish I could be as Queen-like as Sabrina!"
"Is she famous?!?" "No...but she should be!"
"Sabrina's booty tho!"
"Sabrina is such a hipster!"
"I love you Sabrina!!"
"Sabrina and Beyoncé are like the same person!"
by BootyShinesBrightLikeADiamond December 19, 2014
Let's see.. Sabrina is a brown hair brown eyed white girl. Sometimes she is a girly girl, sometimes a tomboy, but usually in between. She falls in love, easily. Usually with blonded haired cuties. So, if you manage to get a Sabrina, do not hurt her. She can sometimes be a flirt but it's just her naturally personality. She dosent love sports but she won't bash them. She can curse WAY too much sometimes (alright, all the time). She is a great cook and will treat you like you are royalty with as much kindness and love as possible. Her friends are what get her through the day, sometimes they treat her like shit but she can get over it because sometimes she cares about them more than they care about her. Any man would be privalaged to have her in their life. She is hilarious, intelligent, confident and of course beautiful. Sometimes she wishes she could be anyone else but herself but all she needs is for someone to SINCERELY say that she is beautiful. She gets shy and a little awkward sometimes. Watch out, once she hates you (this will be very easy to achieve) there is so changing her mind. She loves music, boys, movies, singing (even though she is terrible) and her family. Lastly her petite body is perfect, topped of with big boobs and flexibility nobody can beat. She is perfect is every way. She is the greatest girl anyone could have in their life.
"Wow Elliot's dating Sabrina? I'm jealous!!"

"Sabrina will you marry me?
by Dearclc June 06, 2014
How do we live without such an amazing, gentle type of person, are we to be alone?
Or are we destined to find such a caring and compassionate being?
Rowdy is her middle name and she's maybe too much a flirt for some,
Sabrina is always on the hunt for her next target
Even if they are already taken! But not to worry, she's never keen for too long!
Love is always on the agenda with S and loves K-atching hearts wherever they go.
So always make unbiased eventful lousy jokes when she's around cuz she loves them all!
Oh no, careful of your boyfriend Catherine, here comes a sabrina!
by dino0313 April 12, 2014
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