A beautiful girl who doesn't like how she looks but she has big blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair and is really tan ALOT of guys fall for her she is shy around cute guys but not even close to shy when she is around her friends sabrina is also very smart and can have a bitchy attitude towards some people she is skinny with decent sized boobs and a decent sized butt she loves sports and is good at a lot of things when she tries her best ...Sabrina is the perfect girl
Boy:damn Sabrina is hot
Boy2:no she is beautiful
Boy3:she is hot and beautiful ...move boys I'm gonna get some Sabrina
Girl:I wish I could be her
by HamesR July 08, 2014
A fetch betch
"Did you see the new girl?"
"Yea, she's one Sabrina"
by Booty queen July 04, 2014
The most wonderful girl, Super smart, funny and a goodie goodie but will always be there for anyone and everyone not popular but not unpopular she is the person you can tell anything and she'll keep the secret she's trustworthy and courageous.
Omg I wish I was like Sabrina she's just so..kind like OMG
by Youslutwhorebitch March 30, 2013
Someone very special whom once you get to know, youll never forget(even if your moving in 5 months and shes your bestfriend who knows your deepest secrets...). shes someone whom you can tell anything. there beautiful with brown eyes and a curvy complexure. there different and shy. she hates people who are mean and loves eminem and lil wayne. annoy them and they will hit you because, being your bestfriend, they have a right. though shes your bestfriend, you cant help but want to be more than that, but youre smart enough to realize youll have your chance later, and that to be her best friend is a gift. the have slight* problem with getting loud without wanting, bc there spanish
wow bro, im in love with Sabrina :*)
by fackatackacrackaling April 30, 2012
A lovely, beautiful girl. With hair so dark it almost looks black, and mesmerizing blue eyes that hypnotize everybody who looks into their depths. Pretty pink lips that make you want to kiss them. A killer body. The voice of an angel. With extreme musical talent. She's kind, loving, and gentle. Sarcastic and witty sometimes. Also very, VERY smart. A deep thinker with intellectual thoughts. She's nice to everyone she meets and is an amazing friend. Loyal, trustworthy, and friendly. A bit of a dork, but still SO cute. No one will dare hurt her. Ever. She's amazing.
Person 1: "Look at the sky! It's so blue."

Person 2: "Like Sabrina's eyes..."
by secretlove7 June 05, 2011
The stunningly beautiful young leader of the Psychic type Pokemon gym located in Saffron City. She defeated the Fighting type gym next door turning it into the Fighting Dojo instead. If you win you get a Marsh Badge. If you lose you become a permanent resident of her toy box, not that belonging to her is bad.
I saw Sabrina in "Psychic Surprise", she is so hot.
by Inhandra January 22, 2011
Sabrina is amazing, and easily impressed by the greatest man ever !! His name is Kristofer, and together they are perfect, both sexy and both unique.

Finally, for once in their lives they are both happy and inlove, and they plan on spending the rest of their lives together, only if she says yes.

Sabrina is just perfect, and is very stunning, and shy :)
she is perfect for any man who wants to settly down and have a great relationship, she is a fiery temptress and amazing in bed.
Kristofer and Sabrina belong together for ever, not only because they are both amazing in bed, but because they love eachother.
by foreverinlovewithkristofer November 18, 2010

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