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Sabrina is brown curly haired AMAZING GIRL. She is a great person to hang around she a great shoulder to cry on. You can tell her anything. You can hang around her all day and have a lot of love and laughter from her unless she fells like punching someone.if someone think Sabrina is something other than awesome then they are totally RETARDED. I love Sabrina because she is honest and smart. She is perfect in all the different ways you can imagine.
I have never meet someon who is a better friend LOVE HELLOKITTEN
Why r u mad
I am not a Sabrina

Why r u not laughing

I'm not a Sabrina
by HELLOKITTEN02 April 03, 2013
A very kind and caring girl. Is a brunette and has hazel eyes. Feels alone all the time and has never been loved or accepted. Wishes she could be popular and gorgeous like everyone else she knows. Is very intelligent and will keep any secret. Is very shy at first but after a while she comes out of her shell. Music is her best friend and can't go a day without it. Has had a crush in the same guy for 7 years. Loves watching sports and traveling.
Person: hey Sabrina
Sabrina: uh hi

** three months later**
Person: What's up Sabrina
Sabrina: My dick, as soon as I saw you ;)
by Babycakes1599 February 03, 2013
A very pretty girl that loves her life and people in it. She is a great friend to tell things to and just hang out. But when it comes down to love she cant trust no one she scared to get her heart broken again. But anyone would be happy to call her their wife one day.
I had a lot on my mind and Sabrina really help me over come those problems
by Sacha1234 January 07, 2012
There is only two words to describe a girl named Sabrina...
Simply Perfect.
"See that girl over there?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Well her name is Sabrina, and man she is simply perfect."
by GREGORY February 10, 2014
Sabrina is an amazing girl she could be an angel. She is very BEAUTIFUL and that will never change. She is a girl who can make me smile no matter what. She is the best thing in my life, and it will stay that way. I have never met her but i know i will someday. I love this girl. SABRINA
by DILLONTHEVILLIAN February 09, 2013
A beyond beautiful girl who gets bitchy on hot days but still One of the nicest people you will meet. She has your back all the time. Everyone smiles when they hear her name,she's smart, funny, sweet, caring, trustworthy, adorable , and so much more. She's very shy and quiet until you get to know her. People are not always nice to her...And they don't realize how funny and great she is..but Their is absolutely no way that you can't love her. Shes also a good athlete. She is truthful and will tell some one straight out .
Sabrina is short .
by -.-tt November 21, 2013
An amazing, funny, smart, beautiful girl who is usually blonde haired and blue eyed. She is known for always being hyper and crazy. She tends to be more interested in performing arts such as dance instead of sports and is always amazing at it! She has an obsession with Superman and other superheroes. Also, she loves food like pizza, grapes, and sugar cookies. Boys are crazy about her and all wish to have a girl like her! She is my best friend and I will aways love her!!!!! ;) tee hee
*Boy and his gf talking and another Girl walks by*
Boy-Omg who is the new girl!?!?!
Boy-She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Girl:Hi! My name is Sabrina!
Boy: Omg I knew it!!!
by luv2_playsoccer April 10, 2011