an immature bitch,who likes to suck on cock andd is brown as fuck. this word basically mean dirty little slut tramp bitch hoe.
me:that girl is such a slut

girl: Yeah i know she's such a sabrina!!
by whiteee/blackk girl September 17, 2011
A move in which a girl leaves a guy for another guy.
Look Candace just pulled a 'Sabrina' on Michael!! WTF?
by JohnJohn90210 January 19, 2010
1)one who parties like its their job
2)one who looks like a malibu barbie doll for half the year
3)another word for sexual intercourse
4)the art of not giving a shit about anything or anyone
5) an extremely hyper person
6) all Sabrinas are brunnettes-fact
Omigosh shes so hyper, what a typical Sabrina!
by sparklypencils09494 January 19, 2009
fugly, has a big nose, consantly appearing to be shy but is a total hoe on the inside, feeds off of men's desperation then clings to them like saran wrap, likes to sext
Man, sabrina will not leave me alone! Didn't she just break up with that fat guy? what a hoe.
by theclap1 March 22, 2011
A crazy girl who will tell you she likes you, then change her mind a million times and then stalk creepily , even though you've told her you're not into her. Crazy. Whenever she finally gets the hint, she'll pretend you never said anything before. Can be a hoe.
Person 1: "Hey, what's up?"

Person 2: " Sabrina likes me and she's creepy, too."

Person 1: "Who? Oh, THAT Sabrina? Yeah, she's a crazy hoe."
by MehMehMehBlah August 21, 2010
Slutty girl who gained weight just to have bigger boobs and does drugs a lot. Future stripper, very dumb, and thinks that she is way better than everyone.
"Wow sabrina thinks vermont is in canada...she lives in vermont..."
by meeshiebo November 11, 2009
someone that works ridiculously hard but still only does okay, has the worst luck in the world, has savage hair that can't be tamed, swears A LOT, is addicted to red bull like its meth, and only attracts straight up creepers. pity this girl.
"I heard some girl's computer crashed right after she finished writing her 150 page thesis."
"Must've been Sabrina, sucks to be her"
by secretpanda October 24, 2009

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