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When a man gets such a mega-huger raging boner that it is compared to the greatest man of all time, Arvydas Sabonis
Watching fancy hook shots gives me such a Saboner
by Joe Houses May 20, 2011
a very annoying, but fun Sabina. Sometimes may jock you but is still loved *** cough by many. =)
Yo Saboner stfu.
by Mahi chacha September 07, 2008
a boy who tends to play with his own poo and smells the poo particles which get in his eyes causing him to get pink eye.
if you like the smell of poo your a saboner
by Breaver Big D November 02, 2007
when an asian gets a boner that lasts for 5 minute, and in that 5 minutes fucks egg rolls.
That dude over there is a Saboner
by Shannen January 13, 2005
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