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1. a slang term for pubic lice (see also crabs) 2. a term for any four legged insect that scares the piss out of your girlfriend or boyfriend.
That boy is always grabbing himself, he must have a serious case of the sabertooth crotchcrickets.
by Ixy July 25, 2003
Another name for Pubic Lice or Crabs.
Or to insult someone who is extremely hairy or u just dont like!
DJ is a sabertooth crotchcricket
by Mike Vaughan February 02, 2004
Nasty little bastards that live in the pubes.
Those Saber tooth crotch crickets are tearin my balls and ass up today.
by Throbbingroot November 20, 2008
The prehistoric version of crabs. Quite large in size. They are characterized by their large razor blade like teeth and furry coat of hair.
Me: So did pound that bitch last night.

Jordan: Hell no bro!!!

Me: Why not?

Jordan: So I pulled off her pants and I almost got killed by her Sabertooth Crotch Crickets!!

Me: Shitty deal bro.
by Lil' Huud April 01, 2009
An STD contracted from women origionating from Bithlo, FL , who works on Oranage Blossom Trail.
I got these sabertooth crotch crickets from this ho down on OBT.
by Booby Bootlier November 07, 2007
possibly the most ridiculous word in the english language
dude i think my sabertooth crotchcrickets have migrated over to you trouserbrush garden
by Daniel March 15, 2005
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