The most bad ass maw fuckin' word know to man. It contains the awesomeness of the word wicked which is then accentuated by the lisp like S sound giving it a hint of humour for piz-naz. Yeah it just that beast. Coined by JWM.
Maff claff is swicked, guiz.
by ThunderWank April 02, 2010
Top Definition
a combination of sick and wicked, if you search for the word sick and wicked in the actual word SWICKED you are able to find it.
(1) - That was a SWICKED movie
(2) - SWICKED! im going out tomorrow
(3) - that was the most SWICKED fun I have had!
(4) - That's not SWICKED
by Oscar reyes December 20, 2007
a combination of the words 'sweet' and 'wicked'.
His scenester haircut is pretty swicked.
by imposter January 06, 2006
The combination of 'Sweet' and 'Wicked'
"That was totally swicked man'
by Michael Peart May 15, 2008
Its an easier way to say both words at once....
Man that car is SWICKED.
by Anthony (Mc-Math) March 31, 2008
a combination of sweet and wicked
sky diving is so totally swicked
by BigRed7777777 July 10, 2008
a combination between sweet and wickedto make a word which means totally awesome
Pete: that guitar solo was wickedly sweet!

Grace: it was swicked!!
by grace3982 March 29, 2008
something that is sweet and wicked at the same time
Dude that is swicked
by Carter Wilson March 07, 2008
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