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The conscious act of hoarding and using as many bland and increasingly meaningless clichés and clothing as one can; the latter usually accomplished through fervent and excessive purchases of exorbitant products made by corporations that propagated the idea of swag to begin with.

It is essentially the most anti-creative, anti-intellectual and classless habit of modern proletariat.
Anthony: You heard about Joe?

Crystal: No, what?

Anthony: I'm a little worried. He works for $7.30/hr 30 hours a week at Arby's. He just bought a SWAGGER Camo & Chambray shirt on his fourth credit card even though he's got $13275 in debt and is getting hassled by collections agencies all day long. What kind of sense does that make?

Crystal: Oh hell yeah, that SWAGGER jump off! He ain't care. Stop hating, jealous bitch, wish you had swag.
by Rainbow Wong August 10, 2012
10 7
A term attributed to fast food employees who think they are hot shit, but are in fact nothing but a cold fart.
Your douchebag friend who works at McDonalds: "Hey bro I got swag"
You: You're 16, work at McDonald's, and you're failing every class.
McDonald's employee: But... I have swag...
by Hey Scotty, Jesus Man October 24, 2012
15 8
Swag, is an overused slang word with many meanings. Some say that it means "something we've all got", others think it is a shortened version of "swagger", some "secretly we are gay", and one I've heard more recently "sexy with a bit of gangsta". The term is most commonly used by teenagers on the internet who think they're cool.
Romeo: Juliet, why can't we be together?

Juliet: lol because we have too much swag!

Romeo: lol #yolo, yeah we do, let's kill ourselves. Swag.

Juliet: Swag.
by bobles2000 January 08, 2014
6 0
slang originating in the early 1800s for stolen goods or booty; possibly carried by a swagman or pirate
Pirate: arr we be stealin all yer swag
by da nafta November 03, 2013
8 2
An acronym used in the 1960s by a group of men.
"Secretly We Are Gay"
He was part of the SWAG group.
by SquidgyPower August 31, 2012
21 15
Something people think they have when all they have is the following: a 3 inch dick, no life skills, saggy pants, an undeniably low IQ, turrets, or retarded looking balls.
The male thinks to himself, Man I have a small penis. He then says out loud, "Hey guys.... SWAG!" (funny rhymes with fa...)
by ChescaFran February 10, 2012
20 13
A word that was created by some half drunk, half stoned jackass in a club. Pretty much the most commonly used word in the entire goddamn universe. Made immortal by Justin Beiber (A half drunk, half stoned jackass) and now used not only to describe a person who is a complete and utter shitbird, but also used as an alternate word for, "Mental Defect."
"Did you hear that little asshat with his pants hanging down around his knees?"
"No, why?"
"Ah, he said 'swag' like seven times in one sentence."
by Terrance Yothwater June 29, 2014
4 0
Something you take camping.
Person 1: I got swag!
Person 2: Yeah? Where are you going?
by tonei39 February 11, 2013
11 6