Swag is an acronym created by a group of men in the 60′s that means “Secretly we are gay”
Man: Hey guys do you like that chick?

Group: ya, but SWAG.
by Impostraphee July 26, 2012
A term meaning "free stuff" often given to celebrities, due to the entertainment industry giving them presents for them to be seen with, in order to promote their brand.
I was at the gifting lounge at Sundance and they gave me so much swag.

You can have that t-shirt, it was swag. I'll probably never wear it.
by hollyswoodstudio January 10, 2012
Short for the word "swagger". Became well known partly to the fact that "swag" was being said by JUSTIN BIEBER regularly. It became a word meaning things relating to Justin Bieber. Now a word people say to replace such words as "cool" and "awesome".
"I'm going to a Justin Bieber concert!" "Swag"
*On Omegle* "SWAG" Stranger- "oh no! not you beliebers again!"
by jayasha April 20, 2011
(adj.)- a person's vibe towards people
He got a mean swag, everybody can see that
by LBSwayze November 18, 2010
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