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Souveniers, Wearables and Gifts
The campaign was donating SWAG to give to potential voters.
by Bruce Dennison March 25, 2004
90 99
1. originally, Herbal tea in a plastic sandwich bag sold as marijuana to an unsuspecting customer. currently used to describe any inferior marijuana.
2. to steal
I would steal his pot, but that swag ain't worth swaggin'.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 25, 2002
34 50
Someone who was born amazing.
Someone who can just walk in a room and everyone stares.
Someone who doesn't like the rain.
You have the Swag walk.
Justin Bieber agrees that the ebony over there has got SWAG.
by zzzzzzzzzzyoadhbjmv May 17, 2011
12 29
Justin Bieber, pretty much..
Dude I know, he's a SWAG master.
by biebersboo April 17, 2011
4 21
Another word used by black "people" that makes absolutely no sense. English requires almost average intelligence to learn, so most blacks don't even attempt it. English isn't nearly cool enough. It only becomes cool when you pepper your broken, grammatically incorrect sentences with made-up words, like swag.
Mane dis muhfuckin english be hard n shit. It aint got no swag like me i bes da playa fo sho wit bitches and money and watches. Dem swag wheels is swaggin on dubz and swag.
by Black people are aliens August 09, 2010
18 35
S.W.A.G. (swag)- Special Weapons and Gear; unofficial military term for all the fancy shit the "highspeed," guys carry.
Did you see the S.W.A.G. those SF guys had? I gotta get me one o' them!
by thatguy524 February 09, 2010
0 17
Rubbish/Shit. A word used to describe something not very good. Most used by those of whom blaaaze.
"man that hoody is swag"
"pftt...swag phone"
by the JM January 25, 2009
21 38
Adj: used to describe something or someone which/who could only be described as cool, awesome, or otherwise incredible in every way.
"That dude is swag."

"How was the movie?"
"Pretty swag."
by M. Geib April 23, 2008
11 28