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somewhere you don't want to go.

a wilderness rehabilitation program for teenagers located in north carolina. no one comes here by choice, they are forced to go either by their parents or by a court order. many are unaware of where they are going and are surprized at 3am by strangers forcing them out of bed and into their truck, many are escorted by police. reasons for someone to be sent here could be anything from drug abuse to violent behavior to depression. upon arrival, the teen will be taken into custody of the program and will have no choice on the matter. they will hand over everything they brought and will then be given the clothes and equipment they need. they are unable to call home or call anyone for that matter, no matter what their reasoning is. they will be unable to talk to one another, unable to lie down, unable to know the time, unable to shower, and unable to go home. they will spend an average of 8 weeks here, hiking with 80pound backpacks daily for an average of 5-6 hours. they sleep in a different location each night, in sleeping bags and over-crowded tents. they will be forced to complete an enormous list of difficult, frustrating skills such as striking fires and bowdrilling. people who have been here say that it is the most difficult thing they have ever done. it is questioned whether or not places like SUWS should be outlawed, as teens have gone as far as killing themselves due to being there.
person 1: dude where've you been? you like...dropped off the face of the earth
person 2: yeah man. i've been at SUWS of the carolinas
person 1: holy shit man i thought they'd have outlawed that place by now
by suws graduate March 16, 2011

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