Bitch translated in Russian.

Used primarily by Russian-Americans who want to seem cool in front of their Russian speak friends. Helps put more emphasis on an everyday English insult.
"Yo, suck my dick you fuckwad."

by Manofmanynames November 09, 2009
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means bitch in an angry way like... shut up BITCH (SUKA)
ya teba vshopu ibal te suka vanuchaya, sichka yobanaya, suka!
by victor July 03, 2004
Russian word for bitch.
Ya tebya lyublyu, suka!
by Crazy December 05, 2003
russian insult translated to bitch.
You fucking bitch(suka).
by jmonz111 February 04, 2005
1)pronounced like soo-kah, stress on the first originally means bitch (also used to name a female dog). It is an insulting word for people of all ages and genders. A pimped way to say it is s-tsoo-kahor even s-tsoo-koh which is equivalent to biatch

2) with the stress on the second syllable, it means a kind of house built on a Jewish holiday Sukkot
1) the professor graded my paper F. What a sssuka!!
2) yesterday we got wasted in the suka
by supa-dupa-white August 23, 2006
1. bitch - dog's / wolf's female

2. bitch/slut - sounds like a insulting swearing aiming for injure somebody
3. bitch - means stool pigeon in the criminal and prison circles (very dangerous word in there)

+ Suka (string instrument) known in Poland
2. tebe peazdets, suka
- ur fuckin dead, bitch

3. eta suka stuchit kazhdy den
- that bitch tells on every day
by d0k July 12, 2011
is the "Lakota Sioux" word for dog. (The Lakota are the North American Indian tribe who were featured in the 1990 movie "Dances with Wolves" starring Kevin Costner.)

Siyo-suka, tranlates as "bird dog".

by medic5194 September 17, 2007

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