Top Definition
Suj- Shut up jerk!
-School Lockers-
A-(getting books out of locker)
B-(3 lockers along) Hey C! look at that ugly Goth chic LOL
C.>.> hmm yayr
by Cupcake GI Jane December 30, 2011
(n) 1 Jamaican sex god with dreadlocks
(v) 2 To completely and utterly mangle something
........................... with your cock.
(n) 3 A guy.
Holy fuck! My car got Sujed by that bear!
by Chris Prado December 11, 2004
1. Someone who puts their own name on Urban Dictionary and then Instant Messages their friends with a hotlink titled 'look what I just did' and prays you will be in paroxysms of laughter and unable to realize that instead of a hilarious comedic jab, it is a actually a reflection of a deep seated need to be noticed and indicative of shamefully low self-esteem or self confidence.

2.A cake-like substance found inside an Albatross vagina.
I dont know who Suj is, but fuck him.
by Smapde July 11, 2006
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