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shortened name for SUSAN BOYLE.
the legend that came to us on our screens in Britains got talent.
because of how attractive she is, SU-BO is now referred to as something sexy, or suxual.
"did you see SU-BO last night? "

"SU-BO is one fine piece of ass"

emily says to natalie - "get your SU-BO out"
by NAMILY:) June 09, 2009
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shortened name for Susan Boyle, the professional singer from the reality TV competition show Britain's Got Talent, who became an internet viral legend in April, 2009 and subsequently set and created new music sales world records with her debut album; fun, interesting and charismatic personality who has great talent; instant game-changer; inspires people and sets off simultaneous unity events to a maximum effect
Have you heard SuBo's new album yet? SuBo's debut album went platinum in the UK in four (4) days after its official UK release.

She did a SuBo! Everybody had to scramble to get with the program.

She switched on her SuBo before going onstage.

Oprah always did a SuBo in her TV program.

We have to get a movement going- do a SuBo!
by chaostheorist November 27, 2009
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susan boyle of britains got talent
disgusting woman, in my opinion.
some goons seem to like her, though
'aw, maate, subo is a pure ugly wierdo'
by kwam June 09, 2009
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reffering to susan boyle. a woman who loses control and get over paranoid and scared while running away from cameras and people.
"dude look at that crazy lady running away from the pararazzi"
"i know right, shes gone subo!"
by Sexetron June 26, 2009
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