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A made-up drug in the Facebook version of Dope Wars. You can make it for about $10,000 per bag and usually sell it for about $20,000 or more.
Guy 1:Yo man this guy just sold me some st8 drop that we can smoke this weekend.
Guy 2:Dude you just got ripped off! Haha that's not even a real fucking drug.
by carwash08 May 03, 2008
57 13
Term used by drug dealers to describe the period when a user has come down from their high and are desperate to get back up again.

Dealer: Yeah, one guy gave me all the cash he had for one bag of this stuff

Intelligent Buyer: Well that was probably some ST8 Drop, I'll only give you 10 bucks
by blazeupsmoke August 07, 2008
3 20