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To cause drama in an internet chatroom soley for the benefit of getting replies either negative or positive
man that dude greenie comes on here everyday and SRAs until some schmuck replies to him and then tries to play it off like he's the victim. Makes me mutmad!!
by sheepWolfsheep February 10, 2007
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"Sanitation Relocation Assocation": An event where we pull up to a mobile dumpster, and the the guy in shotgun drags it with the car. Then you drive full speed ahead, swerve to the side and release the dumpster so it flips over a mound of dirt, crashes into broken appliances or simply shatters and spills eveything in the street.
SRA events also include running out to tip over porto-potties, and fleeing the site.

We did a SRA on Green street last night! Those guys must be really pissed.
by Dubenator June 12, 2006
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pronounced: ser-raw
said in a manner where it almost sounds like one syllable. it is short for Senora, such as when it is used in Spanish classes when preceding the last name of a female instructor. however, it is most often used by the lazy as "Sra." and works just as well as Senora and it is spelled with the period which is also known to be an abbreviation for Senora, but when spoken, it isn't pronounced "Senora."
"Hola Sra."

"Hey Sra. Rodriguez"
by Ahk S. September 06, 2006
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