A really good decent band that was overshadowed by Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and the like.
Man, SR-71 was a great band that never had a chance.
by Your Ass September 16, 2003
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The Blackbird is a titatnium-skinned, supersonic spy plane created by Skunkworks in the 1960's. Reputed to attain Mach 3+, it has also set the altitude record for a jet powered aircraft. Highly successful photographer of the Soviet Union in the Cold War, the SR-71 was extremely expensive to operate. Mostly decommissioned in the late 90's, NASA still flies a few for research purposes.
The SR-71 Blackbird pours fuel onto the tarmac, and must be refueled after take-off.
by ianthegoat February 21, 2005
1: A supersonic spy plane used in Cold War era, flys at Mach 3 plus, exact top speed classified, cliamed to be fastest plane in the world, nicknames: "Sled" "Blackbird"

2: A true punk rock band, not anything like Green Day, who sell out and cut themselves for publicity. They have guitar skills to rival some classic rock, they are original, not tools, they don't wear dog collars or spike their hair like Fallout Boy. Basically, they rock.
1: Man, the SR-71 is like, way fast.

2: Dude, SR-71 wrote some of the greatest punk songs of all time.
by JohnWilkesBooth May 31, 2006
Awesome band that never got a chance because MTV didn't like them.
Dude, SR-71 fucking rocks.
by KnightsHFU September 12, 2004
The type of plane flown by the X-Men superhero team in Marvel Comics.
Professor X: "I obtained our SR-71 Blackbird when our transportation needs began to exceed our existing capabilities."
Wolverine: "Obtained it how?"
by Figleaf23 October 18, 2007
A really good band.. sadly, few people have heard of them.
person1: you know that song.. 1985, by Bowling for Soup?

person2: yeah??

person1: ..SR-71 wrote that.

person2: who's SR-71?

person1: *cries*
by lolicakes December 28, 2010
A slang term for premature ejaculation based on the SR-71 supersonic spy plane (The Blackbird).
Amy says "Phil did a SR-71 again last night, can't even last 2 minutes"
by Phil Rasmussen April 21, 2010
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