Short for squirrel, Hot chicks at least an 8 or above
Damn, Look at those dime piece SQ's over there.

I'm on SQ today.........means looking for girls....
by DG magee January 09, 2010
Top Definition
Sound Quality in a car stereo competition. It is quite different from an SPL competition or dB drags. In a sound quality meet, the sonic accuracy is what is being measured and can be quite subjective by the judging staff. Rather than who can hit the loudest note, it is more of how clean can this system play and reproduce music.
No SPL for me, you gotta have sponsors n'shit for dat yo. I gots no Benjamins so I'm goin strickly SQ, dawg!
by Richard Skull October 16, 2006
It means Snicker Quietly. Its meant to be the opposite of lol.
Person 1: Im listening to brokenCYDE
Person 2: wow and your ears are still in tact ? sq
by Sqdood October 24, 2009
Abbriviation of the term Scene Queen.
Jack: Can I play that show?
Caitlin: Go ask Sara, she's the sq around here.
by xcaitiexchaosx November 07, 2006
Stupid Question
Stranger says "What's the best sport Joe?"
You say "Hockey of course, that's a SQ!"
by AlphaBravo12niner July 10, 2009
Silly Question. pronounced "skew."
Big: Dude, ready for drinks? SQ.
by Cheechy Bob June 05, 2007
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