A slap administered to the centre of the forehead, pref. on the hairline with the index, middle and ring fingers from the tips to the second knuckles. The flat palm of the hand can also be used but is morely likely to provoke a fist-shaped retaliation. Action must be accompanied by the shouting of the word upon impact viz: "SPAM!!!"
Spammer approaches Spammee, and taps on shoulder. As the Spammee turns, the Spammer lunges, shouting "SPAM!" momentarily confusing and disorienting the victim, but more significantly, irritating them.
by DrTazzle (aka: Human Thesaurus) February 06, 2007
Stupid People Annoy Me.
An appropriate response to a thread-jacked facebook comment : SPAM
by Tex's Pride May 03, 2009
Spam -- Special Purpose Atypical Meat is a product originating from Hormel Foods. Spam is a combination of chopped pork and ham of unknown cuts and contains 90% meat, the remaining amount being made up from mostly water and also a great deal of chemicals, especially those containing sodium -- giving Spam its unique or more accurately, 'atypical' nature.

Special Purpose Atypical Meat should be utilized when other meats are unsuitable -- this includes comedy purposes, camp buffets and when all other meats can be specifically excluded.

At the time of writing it is not known what the nutritional contents of Spam are, as it doesn't say on the package, thus adding to its legendary 'atypical' status. Truly the mystery meat of ages.
Spam - the original mystery meat
Spam - now with added sodium
Spam - limited edition with the great exotic flavor of black pepper
by BBBS July 30, 2007
1. unsolicited e-mail;
dangerous as may cause material and virtual distruction to your hardware and software, especially to complicated and delicate systems

2. garbage you don't want to get anymore
1. my computer seems to be out of balance again, it must be due to this spam I have received recently

2. eh, stop sending all that spam, it only makes it worse
by NoNamess September 25, 2006
on forums spam should only be considered to apply to blatant spammers who blatantly try to sell shit or who post the same spam links over and over like some kind of fucking spam bot or spammer-troll!! see troll

I don't like spam,meh!
by fuckshit September 29, 2005
Would you like to enlarge your penis?

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90% of my e-mails are spam.
by Xizer November 11, 2004
A 1970s Monty Python Song.
Spam, wonderful Spam!
by dipsy oh-oh January 19, 2004
(1.) (N.) Really nasty meat in a can for Project Moms and Divorced, Lonely Fathers. From the people who bing you Chubb. Comes in Spam, Spam Light, and Spamburger Deluxe.
(2.) (N.) Annoying Junk Mail send out in Large Quanities by a man named Ronnie Scelson from Louisana.
(3.) (N.) A classic Monty Python routine that's known for annoyingly overusing the word "Spam" meaning the food like product. It's Ironic today because the E-Mail Spam is just as annoying.
I Hate Spam!
by G-Union January 12, 2004

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