A slap administered to the centre of the forehead, pref. on the hairline with the index, middle and ring fingers from the tips to the second knuckles. The flat palm of the hand can also be used but is morely likely to provoke a fist-shaped retaliation. Action must be accompanied by the shouting of the word upon impact viz: "SPAM!!!"
Spammer approaches Spammee, and taps on shoulder. As the Spammee turns, the Spammer lunges, shouting "SPAM!" momentarily confusing and disorienting the victim, but more significantly, irritating them.
by DrTazzle (aka: Human Thesaurus) February 06, 2007
1.what I see whenever I use email. OH GOD now I'm soooooooo fat and stupid I can't fucking

2.what U R.

3.Yo momma cooch smell.
Oh Gawdddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!! SPAM meh! SPAM! YAH!YAH!MUCHO LOVE!!!
by UdaFaggette May 23, 2008
What troll ass monkeys like to post in forums.
by lick me bumhole September 28, 2004
(S)alvaged (P)arts, H(am)
What do you mean, ewwwww? I don't like Spam!
by suisare crasher May 29, 2004
Funky tasting meat that thinks its meat...but its not...
Fucking poser!
by Dan July 01, 2003
What this is.
This is spam.
by Daedalus January 07, 2004
(1.) The sweet, sweet chocolate that the Indians smoked in the 1800's
(2.) A homoerotic form of pot.
Ah, that's good spam.
by The Shizzle June 14, 2003
LSMD; the act of being LSMD

(Latin - #nintendo-speak)
* LouWeeJee goes to find an internet dictionary with a definition of spam for LSMD
by #nintendo-er March 04, 2005

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