A slap administered to the centre of the forehead, pref. on the hairline with the index, middle and ring fingers from the tips to the second knuckles. The flat palm of the hand can also be used but is morely likely to provoke a fist-shaped retaliation. Action must be accompanied by the shouting of the word upon impact viz: "SPAM!!!"
Spammer approaches Spammee, and taps on shoulder. As the Spammee turns, the Spammer lunges, shouting "SPAM!" momentarily confusing and disorienting the victim, but more significantly, irritating them.
by DrTazzle (aka: Human Thesaurus) February 06, 2007
Unwanted. Stupid. Retarted.
Shut up you spam!!!!!
by Tasha February 22, 2005
anything that really sucks
"That nasty canned garbage must be Spam."
by r0bby November 22, 2003
yucky stuff from dead pplz feet in a can x.x
Gary: Ew! You're eating spam?!?! Do you know watz in dat stuff dude?

DikBulc: ... no... wat? O_O

Gary: ... yucky stuff from dead pplz feet!

DikBulc: O_O ? *chokes* x.x

Narrorator: Don't Eat Spam! O_O
by *~Dezzy Ray~* June 13, 2008
That's what HyperStream is. Mindless SPAM.
by Lone Lobo October 10, 2004
1. My best friend's nickname.
2. Canned meat.
1. Spam is amazingith!
2. Spam = ?
by Nikki Apep July 16, 2006
to 'spam' someone is to smack them on the forehead with the palm of your hand and say 'spam!' I think this may be a regional thing.
"Hey Brian!"
Brian turns around....
"Hehe, SPAM!"
by Prof.turtle August 06, 2005
Spam stands for...

S stuff
P posing
A as
M meat
hey dude did you know spam is like suff posing as meat?
by Caleb Strong May 22, 2005

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