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Soyl means Swear on your life
Michael: Hey i just got a girlfriend
Jennifer: Soyl?
Michael: NOo :(
by migou December 29, 2012
Acronym for Story Of Your Life.

An acronym used when assuming the nature of a specific event that has occurred in ones life reflects a consistent quality of living throughout ones existence, being fortunate or unfortunate.

Can also be used to show disinterest in ones conversation; to disregard a speaker immediately after beginning a conversation.
Kyle: "I'm so pissed that our team lost the state championship..."

Jackson: "SOYL, I guess."
by KyleJacksonDSquad February 06, 2011
Acronym for Story Of Your Life. Used when somebody is completely uninterested by somebody's story.
Person 1: Blah blah blah i'm telling my boring everyday life.
Person 2: SOYL
by Linkinito September 01, 2009
Stay on your level; to counteract GOML
dude why don't you just goml, hey soyl B!#@$
by odie2190 April 02, 2007