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A Sonic The Hedgehog forum created in the early 2000's. SOAH stands for "Shadow of a Hedgehog". It started out as a somewhat decent community, but due to poor management and members, it's fallen apart several times.

There are obviously cliques around. Like most forums with these kind of cliques, the community falls apart. The narcissistic clique seemed to taunt the moderators without much reason other than for laughs.

The moderators either never took action, or when they eventually do it's considered wrong by some. The administrator is unaware about everything happening under his own nose and could care less. Eventually it got to the point that a small part of the clique itself became part of the moderation team.

The spam forum section they created was a huge mistake.

This forum is a waste of time for Sonic fans and anybody else. It's been pretty inactive for a long time too.

Pretty much a prime example of how not to administrate a forum, and a good example of how cliques can affect one.
SOAH City is crap.
by DannyOm July 07, 2011
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