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Semi- Not Work Safe: No nudes, but still wouldn't want your boss to see it.
This thread is SNWS!
#nws #nsfw #work safe #not work safe #not safe for work
by Chippy569 April 07, 2011
An excellent, non-biased news source that covers everything from Politics to Sports. In being rated higher than TSN, SNW is the #1 News Spot for sons nationwide. All souches, sons, sirs and even some grasshoppers get their latest news from none other than-- SNW! Rated #1 for 10 years counting!

"Hey, did you see the news on SNW last night."

"Yea man, TSN sucks the big one!"
#souch #sir #son #snw #tsn
by doisfhgdoighdoighfd fdoighfdso March 24, 2010
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