1. A word used when frustrated
~can be substituted with 'fuck', 'shit', or 'crap'

2. A word used for lack of a better word
1. (after dropping a book on your foot) "Snurf!"

2. "I'm bored. Snurf!"
by Gee Fai July 15, 2008
when a dog (or person) snuffles playfully around someone's ear with a cold nose; alternately, when a dog sniffs at something, then suddenly emits a reverse-sniff to clear their nose.
I need a towel...your dog totally snurfed my hair!
by ajcanada August 25, 2006
A snurf is a person who farts in the bathtub or similar water-filled area, such as a pool, and bites the bubbles as they rise. Normally, it is implied as an insult.
Your such a snurf, Jeff..
by TheJew72 October 09, 2004
Tooken from the "Smurfs"
It is a small or ugly asian.
See that smurf up in k-town?
by Choiboi August 21, 2005
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