An abbreviation for "shit and shower." The act of defecating prior to a shower, usually in preparation for something one would like to be relaxed for.
"Hey you wanna chill out tonight and watch a movie?"

"Yeah sure. I'm just gonna S n' S and we'll pick one out."
by SweatyPalmsPete July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Sorry Not Sorry
HEHEH....Brandon got fucking butt fucked last night! SNS!
by Jax Rose July 20, 2011
The term SNS generally refers to a Social Networking System or the platform that it is served on (Social Networking Software).
SNS Services:
MySpace, Friendster, Linked In, Orkut
SNS Software:
Groove, Blaxxun, Drupal
by Leming August 25, 2005
Saturday Night Special, particularly good pictures posted on on saturday nights.
SNS: Blow
SNS: On a pedestal
by eeeeeagle November 21, 2009
Stiff Nipple Syndrome
Girl 1: Why won't you take your jacket off? Are you cold?

Girl 2: No... this shirt doesn't hide SNS at all...

Girl 1: Oh, gotchya.. Yeah, keep your jacket on, don't blind anyone with your high beams...
by marrymack January 29, 2010
Special Normal Special; a glitch used in Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst ( MMORPG)
Doing SNS makes the last hit, hit enemies accurately.
by srslyguyz May 23, 2011
"Swole Nigga Status" Usually used in the gym before or after some one is lifts heavy weight or by any one who looks like they live in the gym. If some one eats, sleep, and shits, about iron they will say they are on their "Swole Nigga Status". this can also be used by any stronger than normal guys. If some one is doubting your ability to lift something heavy you can respond with im on my "Swole Nigga Status" once you lift it. the guy people are watching hit the most weight in the gym is on his "Swole Nigga Status" trying to get bigger. When helping some one move heavy furniture(couches or refrigerators, ect.) better be on your "Swole Nigga Status". Some one just broke some thing because they under estimate their strength due to being on that "Swole Nigga Status" (been in the gym to long). When some one claims"Swole Nigga Status" they will some times refer to some things such as eating to much, walking through a door way sideways, not being able to put your arms all the way down by your sides, as Swole Nigga Problems. If one lives in the gym they know the acronym SNS.
Guy 1: That bad has wheels so u don't have to carry it its heavy.
Guy 2: Heavy???? Im on my SNS and proceeds to carry the bag.
Any one who carry's a gallon jug around all day is probably on their SNS.
If you have Swole Nigga Problems your probably on your SNS
by To Swole for sleeves November 04, 2013

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