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An Extremely famous Youtuber that has over 2 milliion subscribers. He is in the youtube partners list, and has 2 channels. He is also known to write back to his Youtubers alot, pleasing his fans.

He has a channel called SMPfilms, which is used for humorous videos, Blogs, and old videos about his cat. He also has plenty of Music Videos here.

He has a channel called TheMeanKitty, which is used for videos about his two cats. Sparta and Loki.

He used to have a channel called Inipropriatefilms, but it got taken down by youtube for harsh adult humor.

His most popular video, 'The Mean Kitty Song' on SMPfilms, nearly reached 30 million hits, this was a stunning achivement for SMPfilms.

A rumor that SMPfilms is being sponsered by Google has been coniformed, by SMPfilms himself. SMPfilms is getting plenty of suscribers by the day.
Music Videos SMPfilms
by Monkeymja - Youtube January 16, 2010
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