"So Mote It Be" - how Freemasons say Amen.
Chaplain: Good bread, good meat, good lord let's eat. Amen.
All: So mote it be. (SMIB).
by MM4Life April 19, 2011
Top Definition
n. Acronym for "Southern Maryland InBred". Refers primarily to the residents of St. Mary's Co Maryland, who are obsessed with lite beer, pro wrestling, and NASCAR.
See that SMIB in the Trans Am parked in front of the mobile home?
by Holden McCrank January 31, 2003
A person from Southern Maryand that has the same dental palate as their spouse but does not realized they are kin.
I was at the dental conference in Annapolis and these smib's xrays all look the same, do you think I should tell them they are related?
by ass5 June 04, 2010
So mote it be.

The ending to any kind of prayer or ritual performed by Pagans, wiccans or those of similar spiritual practices.
I call upon the powers of fire, the sun, the moon, and all things in the universe.. SMIB (So mote it be)
by Freedom Phoenix February 18, 2013
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