Simply stated, it is short for Smoochy Face, an endearing term for a friend who ALWAYS takes pictures of themselves kissing their mate. It is properly pronounced smmmfff.
I've never seen a picture of you NOT kissing someone. You're such a SMF.
by Psuedonym for me November 25, 2009
Quite simply, it is an abbreviation for
Such a person is despicable and warped and does things no sane or decent person who do. Also, "SMF" is an 1984 song by Twisted Sister. The song's words do not explain what the abbreviation means.
Slobodan Milosevic's generals are responsible for the rape, mutilation and sadistic sexual bondage of women and girls, as well as herding men and boys in concentration camps where they were forced to do sex acts on each other, drink piss and eat shit. The males either starved or were beaten to death. Numerous gross abuses were commited under Slobodan's orders. He and his military leaders are war criminals as well as a bunch of SMFs.
by California Sun December 26, 2006
sensational magnificent fuck
My girl friend knew that I was in a bad need of one so she gave me an smf
by CriostoirHulme August 05, 2005
Means: "sniff my fart".
A way to insult people to get your fart sniffed.
<Sickness> I hate you maZtah!
<maZtah> smf!
by maZtah June 27, 2006
Sensitive male friend.
I use him when I need to talk to someone about boy troubles. He's my SMF.
by Deedz June 25, 2007

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