Smart Mother F%^cker.
We need an S M F to solve this problem
by Crazy154 July 14, 2010
A simple acronym of 'Sucha meat fest'

This is a derivation of 'Sausagefest' and implies that there are too many guys (sausages), and not enough girls. Usually used to describe parties, dances, and other social gatherings.
Yo, this party is SMF. Let's call the girls.
by TTTMMMM March 22, 2011
Slapping my forehead
Crap. I forgot to bring my books. Smf!
by ThatAtheistWithA53/4Inch December 19, 2010
save my fucking soul
"Im out in the middle of no where.smfs "
by Brucey- Bruce January 23, 2010
S M F otherwise known as Sergio Mora Fan, but to me it means Smart, Motivated, Funny. He is a man that is extremely loyal, and is know in many boxing forums, to defend the Latin Snake to the very end. Even when fans of Peter Manfredo Jr get vulgar, and make personal attacks on him, he just lets it roll off his back. He is a man that is very selective in who he befriends, but once he does, he is the best friend you could ever want. He is giving, big-hearted, helpful, kind, creative, humorous, and so much more. He is, the best part of my heart.
I believe in fate, and just when I needed it, God brought S M F into my life.
by 1crazyfan February 26, 2006
Sick Mother Fucker
Coined by Twisted Sister, they even have a song called SMF
Twisted Sister - SMF.
by Blapto February 17, 2005
Sick Minded Fool - Someone who interprets things that you say with a dirty mind... thinking they mean something they dont...
No! No! i diddnt mean that! you SMF!
by Jrnwfire August 03, 2010

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