Soulmate Forever. You find the perfect soulmate and join with them for the rest of your life
I think I met my SMF on the train today.
by Learn What Love Is October 11, 2011
The acronym comminly used on twitter and instagram meaning: "Sit on my face".
Dayyyyummmm girl! that booty..... SMF
by yeeeeboi March 03, 2014
Smell my finger . . . an acceptable form of proof that you got some action.
My boy E rolled into the hotel room looking ragged as hell at about 7a.m. and woke us all up yelling smell my finger (smf)!
by Mr Kb June 24, 2010
A short term for Snap my fingers or snapping my fingers.
Oh no you didn't...smf in a Z formation
by S. P. March 31, 2011
The white alternative for the popular SMH (shake my head) that was created by black people. SMF stands for Shake my Finger....
guy friend 1: lets go grab a coke and see a ballet
guy 2: SMF youre super gay
by thewhitemagician May 19, 2011
SMF is an abbreviation for "Scrunching My Face". One usually will "SMF" when they see something dumb, weird, stupid, or just plain doesnt make sense, or annoys them. One can also "SMF" at a person, when they do something that is dumb, weird, stupid, or just plain doesnt make sense, or annoys you.
I SMF'd when i saw Hayley and Christine act like squirrels.
by SMF all day irday June 04, 2011
acronym for "shank my face" or "shank me in the face". commonly used to express disappointment.
person 1: "dude i just found out we have a math test today.."
person 2: "ugh SMF"

person 1: "ew here comes Vickie.."
person 2: "SMF"
by psychologicalromance December 23, 2010
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