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Social. Mentally. Athletically. Fucked.
"Haha look at that weirdo over there. He's always alone..."
"Yeah, man, he is so smaf"
by Soldier of Love May 22, 2010
27 6
The strategic cropping of a photograph to cut out a female's face.
"His girlfriend's face remained anonymous to his online friends, as he had smaffed her face." - Atashicola
by TheRealNeverender January 02, 2009
28 9
Shaking My Angry Fist
Why is my eye twitching??!!? SMAF!
by Rabble Rubble Rabble April 26, 2013
7 0
Socially, Mentally, Athletically, Fucked
Someone who no one likes.
Look at that fag fingering his but whole, "hes definitely a S.M.A.F.
by chill321123 April 04, 2011
3 0