Abbreviation of Sith Mercenaries, the elite Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight gaming clan that has maintained a formidable presence in the gaming community for over 8 years. Founded in 1997 by SM Sith Lord, the organization has continued to prosper despite the dynamic and turbulent nature of online gaming. Boasting a roster that includes some of the most skilled players in the community, SM is a force to be reckoned with in multiplayer Jedi Knight and many other online games. Additionally, the organization counts amongst its members a host of extremely talented web developers, level designers and application programmers; SM easily ranks amongst the most technically acclaimed gaming clans of the past and present. Driven by devout membership and excellent administration, SM will continue to be a visible part of the gaming community for many years to come.

2. SM_ (clan identification tag)

3. SM - "We have no fear, only hate."
by SM Mister Moe April 06, 2005
Short for "Strong Mad" on
Strong Mad: zzzzzzz... zzz..I'm strong maaad! ....i dont liike dis moovie!.....I like va cheat!... um... breaking stuff!
by Daniel December 06, 2003
a shortened version of the word "same"
u go the sm car as me
by siiiiiiimmmmmmmmooooooo February 12, 2007
Abbreviation for Saint Morning, a town in the online game Flyff.
Hey guys, come meet me at SM.
by Ashiya Mikuru August 24, 2007
Self mutilation. When someone physically injures themselves to rid or relieve themselves of mental pain.

A highly addictive practice, as when the body is physically injured it releases endorphins into your brain and blocks mental stress. Similar to the "high" you get after virgerous excercise.

Just because you sm doesn't mean that you are suicidal, or have any wish to die whatsoever.
A very common and usually well hidden practice.
by Sally the Ragdoll February 26, 2005
Sergeant Major.
"That SM is a big cunt."
by Diego July 29, 2003
its a abbreviation used on myspace for "site model".
"hi im katie im a sm use my pictures for your site."
by papercuts x3 April 14, 2008

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