Smiling like shit. (Internet Acronym)
Just met Idris Elba... SLS
by ponybitch December 12, 2010
Top Definition
Abreviation for the swinger/alternative sex/lifestyle website SwingLifeStyle.
I saw your mother on SLS last night, guess that explains why you don't look like your father.
by Katty kat October 29, 2007
A fisherman's term meaning "sore lip syndrome". This commonly occurs 1. When a fish is caught and thrown back. 2. When fish is hooked but gets off the hook. 3. When nothing bites in a specific area because a big shot fisherman was there recently and hooked all of them. SLS can last for a good while. Unless the fish are dumb, and you're just lucky.
Example 1. Yeah nobody will catch him again for a while. That fish has SLS.
Example 2. Aw man he was a big one too. He won't bite again because of his SLS.
Example 3. Man the fish really aren't biting today. They may just have SLS from yesterday's fishing tournament.
by IAMGONDOR April 02, 2011
Proper noun

A boarding school situated in the middle of nowhere that only accepts guys who happen to be Catholic. The only sport that SLS excells at is soccer, being that roughly 1/3 of its population is mexican.
"Did you see how good those guys were at soccer? they must have been from SLS!"

"Did you see how well-dressed and well-mannered those guys were? they must have been from SLS!"
by The4nimal September 15, 2011
Stupid lazy shit
That dude is totally a SLS. Yeah, he doesn't even bother to learn to do that shit properly...
by joqqeman February 29, 2016
SLS is "Smiling like Shit" SLS in emoji 😁 💩 in a text received from a chick from the DMV area.

M: swear I love you girl...
H: sls.
You: You know I love it when you do that...💦
Her: Sls.
by MazaratiSlim September 26, 2014
An Acronym meaning
Sudden Leaving Syndrome.

Sufferers tend to have the attention span of a fish and leave conversations or internet chat. When not given attention or a discussion is not about oneself

But you can only apply SLS to a sufferer when the given person leaves unannounced or a very quick "bye" giving no time to initiate their departure.
Dave: "so.. Emily how's life?"
Emily: "Great at the moment, bit bored with scho..."

-During Emily's reply she quickly Turns around and leaves completely unannounced and unepected during conversation.

Another Example of SLS can be seen in Instant messengers
for example

*Emily Logs on to internet chat*
11:15AM Dave Says: "Hi Emily"
11:16AM Emily Says: "Hi Dave"
11:17AM Dave Says: "Hey what you doing tonight?"
11:20AM Emily Says: "not much mum wont let me goto this party so i think I'll sneak out"
11:20AM Emily Says: "BYE xo"
11:20AM - Emily appears offline -
by David22212122 April 04, 2008
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