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The newest version of sikethat has just begun in Frisco and is spreadin'. Meaning you jus' got played, fucked over or Skeemed! Makin' you look and feel Stupid As Fuck! Also represented by holding up three fingers and your thumb and index finger in a circle.
I Love you Baby... SKEEM!

Yo Mom jus got hit by a car... SKEEEM!

Yo girl cheatin' on you wit yo best friend... You got SKEEMED!
by ScarFace415 February 13, 2005
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A new fad that originates in San Francisco, means to trick or fool someone. The replacement of the word "play". Doesn't need to be said verbally.
Hey man, you dropped your wallet...SKEEM!

Or at the local church's confession booth: Lord I have sinned....SKEEM!

*points to the ground*....SKEEM!
by Ph.T March 06, 2005
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noun- a gurl that you are playin'
verb- (so many meanings) it replaced the verb that should be there.

origin: CT
I skeemed on da gurl.
That ho wuz just a skeem.
I just skeemed da test.
I'm bout to skeem up somethin crazy.
I need to skeem a job.
Dat bill skeemed me out of money
by Jay Perk March 08, 2005
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1. To annoy, harass, or give someone a hard time.

2. To set someone up to fail.

3. To flirt or hit on someone that you have feelings for.
1. Please do not skeem at me on here. It has been a very long day.

2.Let's skeem at Emma by giving her the wrong answers when we help her with homework.

3. Damn! That boy is foxy! Im gonna go skeem at him. Bye, girl!
by MrsBandicoot September 07, 2009
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yo man lets go skeem with that girl

damn that bitch gets around...fucking skeemer

"yo lets go rob that bank", "yeah dude thats a good skeem"

that bitch is a skeet, you better not skeem with her
by Madskillzdc July 10, 2008
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To Skeem is to smoke marijauana habitually
Nick is a fucking skeemer
Wanna go skeemin'?
by anon. July 18, 2003
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Someone that is trying to pull/hook up with someone else's girlfriend. ( Originated in the South West of England)
Example 1.

Person 1 - Yo did you clock mac chatting to Ty's girl last night?

Parson 2 - Yh fam he was skeemin

Example 2.

Person 1 - Mac needs need to get rushed bruv!

Parson 2 - Rahh peak, wasson?

Parson 2 - He's been skeemin on my girl.

Example 3.

Parson 1 - Yo can I come to that party tonight?

Parson 2 - Yh kl man just don't skeem on anyone's chick.
by UKFinest July 29, 2016
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