To cap the white folks
skeet shoting
by The White man March 16, 2004
Top Definition
Sperm. stuff that comes out of yo dick. nut juice. pimp juice
Den i Skee It All In Her Throat, den a nigga had to go
-Ying Yang Twins
by Ryan(Tha_Prophet) January 02, 2005
A man or a woman who hook up with multiple people within a 24 hour span.
Alex: Damn, did you hear what Lisa did last night?
Jenna: Nah, what did she do?
Alex: She hooked up wiith 3 boys, 2 of them she didn't know, and 2 of them were best friends.
by Return of the Pussy Monster October 22, 2008
The cops, similar to the terms 'pigs' and 'fuzz',
Short for the cop "starsky" of Starsky and Hutch fame.
To all skee skee mo'fuckas....
-lil john
by myong chin February 25, 2004
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