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To cap the white folks
skeet shoting
by The White man March 16, 2004
17 148
Sperm. stuff that comes out of yo dick. nut juice. pimp juice
Den i Skee It All In Her Throat, den a nigga had to go
-Ying Yang Twins
by Ryan(Tha_Prophet) January 02, 2005
177 57
A man or a woman who hook up with multiple people within a 24 hour span.
Alex: Damn, did you hear what Lisa did last night?
Jenna: Nah, what did she do?
Alex: She hooked up wiith 3 boys, 2 of them she didn't know, and 2 of them were best friends.
by Return of the Pussy Monster October 22, 2008
0 3
The cops, similar to the terms 'pigs' and 'fuzz',
Short for the cop "starsky" of Starsky and Hutch fame.
To all skee skee mo'fuckas....
-lil john
by myong chin February 25, 2004
33 95