abreviated for sidekick. this is sucha perfect time for sk photos!! YAH!
by poojank May 26, 2006
sk is short for starkingdoms.

Starkingdoms is a internet online game. Check it out for more info:
I play starkingdoms (sk).
by Gh0sT February 20, 2005
SK, abbriviation for Schroet Kommando. Team of competetive gamers that play Counter-Strike, WarCraft3, Painkiller. They attend the CPL every year hoping to win but only to be owned by 3D.
<SK>: yay winter CPL 04'!
<3D>: hi guys
* SK Quit: Owned too many times.
by eFRon December 01, 2004
south korean
imah sk u u n00bs
by jess February 09, 2004
SK is the definition on teddy hatten
omg! teddy is an sk!!
by ah January 16, 2004
any body need a cheep thrill.
the system failed and yayc failed
by Chiznik November 27, 2003
another way of writing Sik
That Chick Was Fulli Sik Bro
by Nero Bass July 08, 2005

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