Sick Kunt
Random 1 - "oh my god look over there its those sk's robdogg and jeffa paro as fuck, listening to jeezy and mos beats at the plaza cakkin at goons!"
Random 2- "fuck, dont look right in there eyes"
Random 1- "yeah theres no tellin what they will do"
Random 2- "they dont call em sik kunts for nothin"
by deezus num 1 July 26, 2008
This was originally sourced from one of the best groups of Counter-Strike players - their team's name was 'SK'. The name progressed into becoming an insult against gamers.

Eventually, it came to mean 'sh*t kunt' and can be used as an insult in many situations.
1) 1337 Gamer: U suk, u SK!

2) (Person falls over) Bully: Look at him, he's such an SK!
by Rock DJ December 07, 2004
Abbreviation for Spawn kill. This term is used in online games, meaning "to kill a player just as they respawn, or reappear after dying previously. This act is seen as dishonerable and cheap, and attributed to lamers. The term sk is used most often in avp.
You idiot, that was an sk!
by Jay C October 02, 2003
a girl with extremely small knockers
"that girl down the hall has got some sk's"
by The Dryer Sheets February 09, 2005
Abbreviation for the gaming character class "Shadow Knight", mix between a Necromancer & Warrior. A Dark Knight. Basically a "tank" class.
"What online role playing game do you play?" "EverQuest, my main is a 65 SK with 440 AA's"
by Pandera June 08, 2004
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