a place where some freaky guys like to make out with girls, usually at a party
"Dan and I macked in the sink the other night.. it was horrible"
by kay8tee April 30, 2007
to sit down.

to realx or kickback somewhere while sitting down or laying back.
"Hey man, lets sink here for a little. I'm really out of breath."
by Nareem July 16, 2008
we ur sinking it means ur losing money n wen ur a sink it means u got no money.
mate i'm sinking or nar i'm sink so can't come out
by joey1989 October 05, 2006
A mythical "perfect job" where you produce nothing measurable, are not closely observed, and can spend all day masturbating, or playing Minesweeper, or writing the Great American Novel, or whatever your bag is. A shortening of sinecure?
I'm sick of bagging groceries. I'm gonna go back to school so I can get me a sink.
by Solatiyum May 16, 2007
Single Income No Kids
My upstairs neighbor, a SINK, who is lonely and barren will not be happy when my wife gives birth to a loud crying baby.
by Joe M October 22, 2007
A Family name, dating back to the 16th century. This name originated in Germany and is tied to dukes duchess's and royalty.

Also my family name
Mr. Sinks= I love you
Mrs. Sinks = I love you to.
by Monica l sinks June 17, 2008
A cheap prostitute. The name implies that she will swallow everything, and will be turned on and off at will (or when you feel like it)
Lick it all up, you cheap sink!
by Iain B September 12, 2005

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