sif = as if (what the hell)

commonly used by try hards
fo shizzle ma nizzle, sif i wouldn't!
by auTeX March 22, 2005
SIF means "Seat In Front."
It's a term used by unicycle riders to describe a way of doing a trick with the seat in front of you rather then the seat under your butt.
Example: "If you do the hop SIF, you can get more height."
by Ivan J October 28, 2005
a short term for silly ignorant fag
jamie: yo adam that ambers being a ryt SIF
adam: ye man i agree what a SIF
by jamie the Great May 10, 2007
An abbriviaton for AS IF, used by smashed crabs and ppl who want to act like smart arse's
Nup sif think your a mass Judd
by Davidos May 04, 2006
(or 'Saf')An individual of South African nationality. Origin: due to the accent of such a person, pronouncing South Africa as "Sif Ifrika".
"I'm off on holiday to visit the Sifs"
by Ronny St Papps December 23, 2004
(as if) a word used coz ur a lazy kunt and can't b fkd saying a whole sentence.
sif pretty much substitutes ur grammer
1.sif grabs my balls (no comment)
2.sif say sif so much
3.sif not say sif so much
5.ur face is sif
6.sif sif
7.sif gurls use sif now days..sif !
by six8six April 04, 2005
Commonly means Shut it fag. Old school slang.
sif noob, hey you sif
by pr0n April 16, 2005

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