standard issue blonde
Driving around Brea, you would see plenty of sib's in their SUV's
by ChrisArmstrong August 21, 2005
to "suck it back" while smoking a j, l, or any type of smoking device. If one does not sib, they are wasting the substance that is being smoked
we finna sib this blunt like its the last fuckin blunt on earth.
by dasibber November 19, 2009
An acronym for a Spooning Induced Boner. A common malady for young, male, virgins. A side effect for the receiver is a minor bruise in the thigh/hip region. This will hurt for 4-7 days minimum, depending on the size of the offending boner.
"Oh man, I have a bruise the size of a quarter on my buttocks! What can it be from?!"

"OOOOOhh that's from a SIB!"
by AMAHAHA July 12, 2008
SIBS, or Scumbag Internet Blues Syndrome, is a state of depression or disappointment resulting from finding a person of the opposite sex online, while knowing that you could never actually meet them in person because they are out of reach or "on the other side of the world".
Bartender: Hey, man, you look heartbroken. What ails ya?
Internetter: I've got SIBS.
Bartender: Ouch, man. Where is she?
Internetter: Siberia.
Bartender: Damn, that's cold.
Internetter: Shut up, you don't know how I feel...
by Suppercut January 19, 2013
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