standard issue blonde
Driving around Brea, you would see plenty of sib's in their SUV's
by ChrisArmstrong August 21, 2005
SIB is an acronym for Strangers in a Bait Shop, which refers to having a stronger desire to impress people that you do not have any acquaintance with rather than to solve problems with someone who you are deeply connected with. The word derives from the episode of the Simpsons where Homer and Marge go on holiday to solve their marriage problems and Homer ends up spending the whole time trying to catch a giant catfish that 3 hillbillies in a local fishing bate shop were talking about. It is particularly significant to online and gamer relationships people have with each other that can take priority over real life issues.
Wife: Darling please, we need to speak about our marriage!

Husband: Listen, love. If I don't beat Bonk111 in the Fifa 09 International Cup final of Ultimate team, I won't get a wink of sleep tonight!! Let go of my arm, goddammit!!

Wife: How dare you sib me!
by yumonkeh April 30, 2009
Sexual intercourse buddies
Johnny and Emma are back at being SIBs again.
by Dingus175376 February 22, 2014
An acronym for a Spooning Induced Boner. A common malady for young, male, virgins. A side effect for the receiver is a minor bruise in the thigh/hip region. This will hurt for 4-7 days minimum, depending on the size of the offending boner.
"Oh man, I have a bruise the size of a quarter on my buttocks! What can it be from?!"

"OOOOOhh that's from a SIB!"
by AMAHAHA July 12, 2008
SIBS, or Scumbag Internet Blues Syndrome, is a state of depression or disappointment resulting from finding a person of the opposite sex online, while knowing that you could never actually meet them in person because they are out of reach or "on the other side of the world".
Bartender: Hey, man, you look heartbroken. What ails ya?
Internetter: I've got SIBS.
Bartender: Ouch, man. Where is she?
Internetter: Siberia.
Bartender: Damn, that's cold.
Internetter: Shut up, you don't know how I feel...
by Suppercut January 19, 2013
Shy in Bed.
Sorry, I can't use that position, I'm SIB
by River Carr May 06, 2010
Self Injurious Behavior
That person just had a SIB when he punched himself.
by angel71186 January 18, 2009

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