derogatory term for man who thinks hes a fox.
si, you isnt a fox dude!
by kezza January 30, 2005
An unbelievably rich cunt (richer than Bill Gates) who wears a monacle and probably has other characteristics but none you really care about.

Also likes boys and sniffing the sweatline under fat guys flabbing man breasts.
Brian has loads of money for beer tonight. He could do a Si and buy the pub free drininks all night.
by Bobby Charlton March 18, 2004
Abriviation for suck it, normally used on MMORPG's to make fun of the loser.
Oh, man! Did you just see that head shot? Bet you didnt see that coming loser! SI n00b! Better luck next time!
by Nicholson L. May 05, 2006
SI : meaning ha ha ha(in a sarcastic tone)or your not very smart
randomly made up on the spot because someone mispelt my name so i said si (because that was the bit they missed out) he said "what?" so i carried on saying si just to make him feel like he'd missed out on something. now it is a word! i hope:)
someone makes a joke about you thats not very funny you say "si si"
someone answers a question wrong you say "si" and laugh
by Hannah macintosh April 11, 2004
sexual intercourse sex hanky panky hot hottie awesome cool sexy 1. a word and hand-sign created to refer to sexual intercourse in a way unknown to rejects, spazes, and especially older, uncool adults, so your conversations remain esoteric.

2. this term can take the place of words such as hot, hottie, sexy lady, ect.

3. SI can also replace cool, awesome, ect.
ex1: Things are really going well with my gf. I think SI is an inevitability.

ex2: Whoa! Check her out! SI at 10 o'clock.

ex3: "Hey, there having free food at the party, and there's no addmission price this time!"

"Really? Aw, SI man!"
by Oddjob 007 September 26, 2006
VERY sweet, cute, attractive, thoughtful, smart, funny young woman found in and around the London area. Keep your eyes peeled but dont touch, she's already claimed ;)
Just think of someone that fits the description above - there's only one person you can think of!
by shiftkis May 16, 2003
Level Trim for Honda Civic and etc... it means.. SLOW IMPORT..
That SI got beat by my geo.
by HawkINX4 April 14, 2004
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