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To look, watch, or see
Add “ing” or “ed” to change tense

“Hey Dam-Dizzle, SHOOF this Shiite!” or
“Yesterday LKTZ and I SHOOFED a movie” or
“I’m SHOOFING it right now Mon-Teezy!”

Other examples are…

“Don’t SHOOF me, SHOOF the camera enta!”
“That enta SHOOFED you hardcore!”
“Enta, what are you SHOOFING at?”

by SNIZZLE August 29, 2006
18 11
a word used to express displeasure or in the place of an obscenity
That kid is such a shoof. Shoof! Did u you what she said about you?
48 23
to look at,watch,survey
"Could you shoof the baby while I roll a spliff love?"
by Steve CHUTER November 03, 2006
25 13
look, watch
Shoof how i get this girl
yea right perhaps the merf for u. look up merf
by Armenian GOD April 17, 2003
11 12
Word used to describe a family member or friend that does something dumb.
Melyna fell up the stairs. She is such a shoof
by Jeremy Darlington July 16, 2008
2 4
To be harmlessly dishonest in an attempt to prove a point or express great knowledge of subjects where only a fraction of knowledge actually exists.
After sounding like you knew the area well, the directions you gave me were all wrong. You shoofed me.
by Steve Wilson April 23, 2004
3 5
verb: to see, to look at, to tell someone to look at something without others knowing.
when you see a cute guy, you say to your friend, "shoof"
nodding in his direction.
by janseybabe June 22, 2007
5 8