1. Cruise in an automobile
2. Leave
1. Let's shmob the new Caddy.
2. This party sucks. Let's shmob
by Jordan January 06, 2004
Top Definition
A very feared mob residing all over America. Origins are believed to be somewhere in the Bay Area, California.
The SH Mob started stealing cars on our block again; nobody can stop these Mobsters.
by ikilled50cent March 04, 2005
dartmouth college term for a mob of freshmen, often found walking around together during the first few weeks of school
"We must have had like a 20 person shmob walking down frat row during that first night of orientation"
by Abbeeeee January 04, 2007
A small mob
We don't need to ask if so-and-so can come with us, we'll just shmob.
by haywardkitty December 05, 2010
1. To be extremly good, so good that even the word tubular is under-cutting the sheer kickassery of the subject.
Thorin: dude, check out that sweet car!

Slater: no dude, that car is Shmob...
by Zombielincoln July 25, 2010
to drive around, cruise, normally in a lifted truck that is really loud with oversized tires.
Let's just shmob around since there is nothing better to do in this town.
by a lopes April 14, 2008
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