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Scissor Gang Mofia. This group of D-bags has been together for some time. They are recognized by their gang sign, similiar to a sideways-peace sign, with the palm facing in. You can usually find these members drunk at clubs or there headquarters in scottsdale, az. Their leader is not officially known but it thought to be Gumbi. For further information visit
Look at the fake SGM throwin up the scissors sign. What a D-bag.
by rareskills April 01, 2008
Single Gay Male.
This is a man who "peacocks" his clothing to get attention of other males; likes forgies and other intimate moments with large groups of other SGM's and most likely wears a Fedora.

He does not however need to be stylish- there are undercover SGM's so always be on the look out!
He's wearing loafers, of course he's an SGM
by meowmix4325 May 12, 2011
Skaters Gone Mad, originally a group of skateboarders from various parts of Sacramento, founded in 1995. Became famous for pranks, graffiti, fights, off-the-wall crime, and vandalism. Later evolved into a crack team of vigilante crimefighters who cleaned out the infamous C-Street Trainyard drug-dealers. Unofficially disbanded in 1999.
SGM is short for Skaters Gone Mad.
by NastyNateNeonatologist October 28, 2005
Silly Goose Moose - being silly. Like "silly goose" just with moose at the end to rhyme with goose.
Common, Dont be such a SGM!


Silly Goose Moose!
by Inyourfacezach! July 07, 2006
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