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Spunk-Glass'ed - When a bartender or waitstaff member brings you a glass that has recently been washed and not rinsed of the cleaning agent, and still smells like chlorine or Clorox, ie - spunk. Getting a spunk glass for a good beer ruins the taste and renders the beer undrinkable, as you continue to smell chlorine or spunk and not the delicious beer.
I asked the bartender for a pint of Bell's Amber, and I got SG'ed! Glass was obviously right out of the rinse sink and still smelled like spunk. Damn chlorine! Beer smelled like spunk and I couldn't even try to drink it.
#craft beer #frosty mug #hg'ed #hot glass'ed #sg'ed #spunk glass'ed
by TheBeerSnob February 19, 2012
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