Short for "Sentri Gun"
Turn your sg to face the door.
I killed the sg in the ramp room.
by Argh July 06, 2003
Any male who is 1.5 of a Man, and Super Great. Wonderful Speechless the Great (WSG) and Super Great UAC (SGUAC) are the only two known SG's.
Those who are anti-SG must be 8-11'ed.
Super Gay
Jesse is SG and SS; he tried to get his willie in his own ass, and he tripped and fell over.
by Dr J September 06, 2003
"Definition is too short" huoh
he blasted his brains out with SG
by whitenigga January 17, 2004
A Gibson guitar that could be described as the poor man's Les Paul. Stands for "Solid Guitar" even though it's light weight and thin neck make it very prone to accidents (like headstock snapping). The most common setup is mahogany-bodied, cherry red in color, and two humbucker pickups.
Angus Young's a short dude, so you'll only see him playing an SG.
by Alex August 25, 2003
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