Pronounced, "Es-Jee". A common term for a "Silly Girl". This term refers to a female, (or a male who has femanine hair) generally a blonde, whio is intellectually incapable. This person typically stares off into space quite commonly, and procrastinates on homework. A typical SG will believe themselves to be "Ninja", or significant in any other way, but they are most definitely not. "SG's" make terrible friends and are usually jerks to the people who are nicest to them. Good type of person to make fun of.
That SG be actin' like a fool...
#sg #shane grier #slg #silly girl #silly woman
by YoMyMamaisLG! April 04, 2010
Something, an abbreviation used by some dictionaries.
I wish I had pie or sg.
#smthg #something #stg #smtg #sumn
by Artoonie November 13, 2007
means "silent grin" used instead of "LOL"
used mostly in IMs and text messages
them - "yeah, it was a pretty funny joke, they all laughed"
you - "sg"
#sg #silent #grin #lol #funny #smile
by Jordan ennedy December 25, 2007
SexGod as in a man that is like uber freekin hot
girl one: that guy is totaly an SG
girl two: oh my god, you're totaly right!
#hot #guy #god #sex #amazing
by the explainer May 15, 2007
Also known in the mongering world to be a "street girl" or prostitute. One that performs sexual acts for money that is a girl. (There are other words for ones that are not ACTUALLY girls) Less likely to have GFE with a SG, but more likely to get a BBBJ from one then one that works in a bar and or stripclub.
Some mongerers prefer SGs because they usually cost less money.
#prostitute #hooker #puta #gp #sw
by fammo September 25, 2005
Sex God: really hot; or good in bed
Mike is my perosnal sex god!
by nobody December 04, 2003
"Shit game" After some sort of online game to indicade the game was unenjoyable.
Player1: gg
Player2: sg
by Wudafu June 06, 2005
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